Louisiana HVAC Salary Information


In the state of Louisiana, there is a lot of variation in the salary of professionals who are working in the trade of HVAC ((Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). The variation depends on various factors such as population, years of experience, training, HVAC education and general competitiveness in the market. Having also a license is an important factor since most of the employers preferred those who have a license to practice as an HVAC tech. In the state of Louisiana, the HVAC certification authority is the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors.  This board issues a commercial license and/or residential license to those who aspires to work as an HVAC tech within the state of Louisiana. Louisiana Contractors license has a reciprocity agreement with these states-  Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Utah a and North Carolina Electrical Examiners’ Board. This reciprocity is not automatic and applications will be considered on an individual basis. The contractor must also apply for a license in a classification that appears on the state’s reciprocal classification list.


HVAC techs generally work under the titles of HVAC service technicians, mechanics or HVAC installation technicians. Like some technicians, you can also opt to have a training and eventually work with or on refrigeration, electrical, solar or electromagnetic components. Nationally, HVAC technicians can expect to earn an average of $44,000 annually and that number increases to $48,000 annually if the technician is also certified in refrigeration (HVAC/R).

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According to recent surveys, average HVAC technician salaries for job postings in Louisiana are 17% lower than average HVAC technician salaries for job postings nationwide. In the city of New Orleans, the annual median salary for HVAC techs who work as HVAC Mechanic III is $56,300. This means that 50 % of people who works this job are expected to make less than the median. In the city of Lafayette,  $46,717 is the annual median salary for HVAC techs who work as HVAC Mechanic III while in the city of Baton Rouge, for the same job title, the annual median salary is $48, 584. For those of you who are interested to work as an HVAC Mechanic III, the scope of this job includes maintenance and service repairs on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. It could also open you for a work opportunity that involves installation of new units or replacing of parts for existing units in accordance to the specifications and established safety guidelines.


HVAC Salary Trend in Louisiana


Average annual salary for HVAC journeymen in Louisiana is $ 34,000 which is much higher compared to those who work as a maintenance technician handy person that usually earn $ 34,000 per year. If you wish to become an HVAC technician in Louisiana that specializes in Commercial HVAC, expect a yearly salary of $ 42, 000 which is quite close to HVAC service technicians since they have an average annual salary of $ 44, 000. Temperature control technicians on the other hand, receive an annual salary of $ 33,000 that could possibly augment if the demand for their service increases. Residential HVAC technicians are the go-to persons when HVAC systems need to be installed or maintained. As a residential HVAC tech in Louisiana, you could earn as much as $44,000 per year.


Despite these differences in salary, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job opportunities will be highly favorable for HVAC techs with a projected 21% increase from 2012-2022. They also noted that in the year 2012 61% of HVAC professionals worked for contractors in heating, air conditioning, and plumbing.